I know the answer to this.  I wish I spent more time vacationing or extra-curricular activities with my family.  Well to do this you need money most of the time.  So for our family we try to save wherever we can to take that summer vacation.  Coupons do the trick for our finaces.  We are able to provide the basics that our family needs like toothpaste, shampoo, deodarant and food at low costs.  With the time that we spend clipping coupons we are able to be together as a family and save money.  As a family we decide where the money saved is going to go.  We started couponing about 2 years ago and now we have no credit card debt, and working on buying a house.  You can do the same with some effort and patience.  I will not say that it is easy but there is plenty of help out there for anyone to get started.  So I will be posting over the next couple of days “Ways to Save”

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