Do you have an old wedding dress from your mother or grandmother?  Sometimes it may be hard to see yourself in a vintage dress right?  Do you have brothers or sisters that would love to have a part of your mothers dress, but no one would consider wearing it?  Well here is an idea that would give everyone including grandkids a part of an old dress.

Upcycle and old wedding dress

  1. First cut the dress into strips and tie into bows. (Hint: sewing the edges of the material on each strip keeps the material from fraying).
  2. Next you can hot glue the bows to barrettes.

You can make so many and store them for use later in your wedding if you like.  You can embellish these bows with jewels or flowers and feathers to fit your needs.

These make great gifts for grandkids and that way everyone can have a part of the dress without making anyone jealous or upset that one sibling gets the dress and not the other.  Better yet no one will have to feel bad for saying they would never where their mothers old dress because it is out of date.  However, you may still have those that want to wear their mothers dress.

So before cutting up something that may be special to one sibling please be kind to your family and ask.  If there are objections then wait till whoever does want to use it has their chance and then make your cuts.

Another way to utilize material from a wedding dress is to make a wedding album.

As always happy crafting and enjoy!

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