Do you ever struggle to keep multiple transactions straight at checkout?  I know how frustrating this can be for me, and when you have kids in the mix it gets even trickier.  Well I found what seems to work wonders for me and allows my kids to help out too.  I don’t always remember to take my re-useable grocery bags with me, but if I know that I will be checking out with multiple transactions I do and this is why. 


Some stores have sales where if you buy 10 qualifying items you will get $4 or $5 off your purchase on top of your coupons.  I love these sales and look forward to saving as much as I can.  So this where I get down to business.  When I get to my 10 qualifying items I place them in a re-useable bag.  Off to the next ten Items I go and by checkout time I have no confusion as to what item went where. 

I take it one step further with envelopes by utilizing one for each bag when I have a coupon for an item in that bag.  At checkout time I am no longer frustrated and have each coupon envelope readily available.  My kids love helping me keep items sorted and this helps me keep them busy and not in the way.  I know not all parents can shop easily with their kids but this process helps me from start to finish.  I hope this helps others because we can all use some new or even tried and true ideas to help each other.  Good Luck!


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