We all have artificial floral arrangements around the house that someone gave to us or even ones that we have bought.  I have too many to count.  They all seem to end up in the basement or the attic after a period of time because they get too dusty.  I learned a trick the other day from a gal at a local thrift store on how to clean them up easily.  Many of you probably already know what to do and that is ok.  For all of you who don’t know how to clean your artificial flowers here is a quick rundown.

How to clean fake plants

Remove the artificial flowers from whatever they are in and place them in the dishwasher.  Now here comes the tricky part, you don’t need a regular dishwashing detergent to clean them.  I took 1 whole lemon (squeezed) mixed together with about ½ tsp. dishwashing detergent and put the mixture into the dishwasher.  Start your dishwasher on a simple wash and turn off the drying cycle.

When the cycle is finished, remove your flowers and lay flat on a towel to dry.  Once they are dry return them to their original container or create a new arrangement to your liking.  The great thing about artificial flowers is that you can re-use them without having to buy special cleaners or just throw them away because they have a bit of dust on them.

I have also started looking at local thrift stores for old ones that someone may have gotten rid of.  They are cheaper to buy and will clean up as if they are new.  I will caution you about use artificial flowers that have paper wrapped stems of feathers in them as these will not clean up well.  There are so many different creations you can come up with when you use your imagination.  If you have difficulty trying to make an arrangement go online to your favorite search engine and search floral arrangements to find exciting ideas.   Also, keep your eyes open for unique containers or vases, and even vintage jars to use in your new arrangements.

As always, Happy Crafting!

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