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I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little about our company, and ourselves.  Yes I did say ourselves, this includes my Mother.  We started out doing crafts when I was 4yrs old.  Some people think that this was way too early.  My Mother Alice started out doing crafts because of need.  My older Brother wanted to join football in the city league, at that time the cost was $60.00.  It does not sound like much but 30 years ago it was a lot.  She worked full time but with many bills to pay there was not enough money.  Our Great Aunt was crafting at the time and offered a couple of craft ideas to help her out.  So we started out making a bean bag bunny, Christmas ornaments.  I still remember the very first craft show we went to.  There were a lot of different vendors (Seemed like Hundreds) My mother was pregnant with my sister and miserable but determined to sell her crafts to pay for my brothers fees for football!  We made a little over $100, I remember she was so relieved and excited.  That was the begining of our life as crafters.  Since then we have participated in hundreds of craft shows, home shows, art in the park shows, fairs.  We love to create new things, re-create items we see in stores to suit our own needs and save money.  People ask what we sell, and I tell them there is too much to list.  We make just about anything from stuffed animals that are dressed victorian style, lighted glass blocks with bows, glass etching, Christmas ornaments, scrapbook pages.  Oh Yes, I can’t forget, my 16 year old daughter makes jewelry now.  Crafting has become a part of our family.  We enjoy being able to spend time together crafting.  I do want to say however, that we don’t craft to make a ton of money.  We craft to provide others with a low cost way of decorating or providing low cost gifts to others.  We pass our savings on to others!  That brings me to couponing.  I have been couponing in a way you could say for at least the last 10 years when Craft Supplies started increasing in price.  I really started couponing Last June of 2010.  My sister over at Moms Saving Money inspired me to try to save more.  I have learned over 90% of what I know about coupons from her.  She has so much patience with my questions and has helped our family save so much money.  I love using coupons and it is like a Treasure Hunt to get our of a store for a low cost.  I do not in any way promote Hoarding or shelf clearing.  I am the one that will say something to others when I see things like this happening.  I am very vocal because we all need to share with others.  I am a firm believer in trying to help everyone.  My family and I have recently moved to Virginia from Idaho.  It has definately been a struggle to get back on our feet but with the help of my sister and brother-in-law, and coupons we have managed to work things out.  I look forward to helping everyone learn to save.  I am the one who hands out coupons to others in the store when I see someone trying to save money by comparison shopping.  My husband has so much patience with me as well because I often find myself answering question for other shoppers when the see my coupon book.  I will stop what I am doing and help out when needed.  So I hope to inspire everyone or at the very least help others with their questions.  Thanks for reading!

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