How to Clean Artificial Flowers and making them look like New!

We all have artificial floral arrangements around the house that someone gave to us or even ones that we have bought.  I have too many to count.  They all seem to end up in the basement or the attic after a period of time because they get too dusty.  I learned a trick the other day from a gal at a local thrift store on how to clean them up easily.  Many of you probably Read more…

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Up-cycle your mothers/grandmothers wedding dress

Do you have an old wedding dress from your mother or grandmother?  Sometimes it may be hard to see yourself in a vintage dress right?  Do you have brothers or sisters that would love to have a part of your mothers dress, but no one would consider wearing it?  Well here is an idea that would give everyone including grandkids a part of an old dress. First cut the dress into strips and tie into Read more…

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