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Here you will find ways as Moms Saving Money with coupons and frugal living.

Moms Saving Money with Frugal Living:

1. DIY Projects.

I am a frugal mommy and I am all about finding things around my house to re-purpose and reuse to make new things. Living a more simpler life with less and doing projects on my own.

2. Homemade Birthday Decorations.

I have a birthday budget for $50 for each of my kids birthdays and that includes food, gift and all the decorations for a themed birthday party. I know one day my kids will want me to stop but for now I have fun making homemade birthday decorations from what I have.

3. Homemade Cleaners.

Being frugal minded it took me awhile to figure out that I can make household cleaners much cheaper than store bought and often times much better. Be sure to check out how I make liquid laundry detergent for less than 1ct a load.

4. Budget Savvy Recipes.

I am not much for cooking but I have a few recipes under my belt that I am excited to share with everyone. I am all about helping you save money and by doing so I am now sharing some of those recipes my family enjoys.

5. Giveaways and Contests.

I love to pay it forward and one way is to help you see some of the products I have the privileged of trying out. Check out the giveaways and enter some you might just win! I also occasionally giveaway coupons to help you save some money.

6. Family Projects.

I am a mom and I want to share as much as I can with my kids and helping them learn how to do projects together and on their own will help them build character and give them the opportunity to learn on their own.