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Hi I am Rebecca Autry and I am a Stay at Home Mom who helps others save money. I have three beautiful children, married to my super hero hubby for over 10 years. I am a frugal living, DIY type of person. I like to make my own Pinatas, Cleaners, and all about reusing and re-purposing anything and everything.

Despicable Me Party Ideas

Disney Frozen Party Ideas

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dragon fly spoons vbs 2015

Dragon Fly Spoons Tutorial – Journey off the Map

Dragon Fly Spoons Tutorial These dragon fly spoons are a great craft for Lifeways Journey off the Map VBS or you can use them to help decorate the hallways and make a wonderful colorful and living jungle atmosphere. An alternative Journey off the Map Craft that can be made for pennies per child and lower […]

DIY Canteen Journey off the Map

DIY Canteen “Journey off the Map”

DIY Canteen “Journey off the Map” What you Need: – Cookie Tin – Brown spray paint – Small Water bottle – filled – Drill or box cutter – Duck Tape – Leather strap or Duck Tape/Ribbon – Glue Gun   How to Make: 1. Clean out your cookie tin very well. I got a dozen […]

Journey off the map 2

K Cup Flowers – Journey off the Map

K Cup Flowers – Journey off the Map Need an easy to make but impact-ful flower for your Journey off the Map theme. Add these easy to make flowers and hang them all around your hallways. The best part is you don’t have to spend much. Just get the word out you are looking for […]

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pinata What you Need: – White Cardboard box (Christmas Boxes) – Packaging Tape – Scissors – Bungee Cord – Black, Yellow and Pink Cardstock – Glue How to Make: Step 1: Cut your base out. Simply draw on two cardboard pieces your outline of the Hello Kitty Shape. Then cut them both out. […]

Lifeway K Decorations

Journey off the Map Kindergarten Class Decorations

Journey off the Map Kindergarten Class Decorations My hubby and I get the Kindergarten class again this year and how exciting. Last year we had 19 kids in our class but this year we have a smaller group. We know we will have a minimum of 5 so we need to step up the game […]

tree house journey off the map

Lifeway Tangled Branch Tree House Decoration

Lifeway Tangled Branch Tree House Decoration You can do tons with cardboard to make a Tree house. What makes a great Roof? A Luau umbrella Cover. Ok well this is originally designed to fit over an existing umbrella but I am using it for my roof. Much like using a umbrella without the fabric for […]

Journey of the map wood palates

Fake Wooden Sign Tutorial

Fake Wooden Sign Tutorial – Journey off the Map ideas Need a large inexpensive decoration idea that won’t take much time. This is it and easy to make. Make wooden panels and write the words “This is the Way – Walk in it.” What you Need: – Large Cardboard box – Drip cloth or plastic […]

Baymax Pinata DIY

Baymax Pinata

Baymax Pinata Are you looking for an easy DIY Big Hero 6 Decoration Idea? Consider making your very own Baymax Pinata. What you Need: – White Cardboard box (Christmas Gift Boxes work best) – Scissors – Pencil – Packaging Tape – Bungee Cord – White, Red Tissue paper – Black Cardstock   How to Make: […]

Writing Wallet on the Go 1

Writing Wallet on the go

Writing Wallet on the go Do you need something simple and easy to carry that you can hand over to a child while you wait in line or going up and down the grocery isle, or while you travel short distances? Then this easy to make Writing Wallet on the go is the thing you […]

Western Theme Table Decoration

Western Theme Table Decoration

Western Theme Table Decoration Need a simple Western Theme Table Decoration? Here is an easy to make centerpiece that will not cost much at all. If you don’t have any Mason Jars there are some great alternative vases at Dollar Tree that will look as good. The one pictured above is actually a mug but […]

Frugal Fresh Start Week 3 – Setting Goals

Frugal Fresh Start Week 3 – Setting Goals Last week we set out to write out all income coming in as well as monthly expenses and yearly expenses. We came to the realization that we can spare a couple dollars towards a goal. In my case we as a family are starting over and we […]

Frugal Fresh Start Week 2 – Getting Organized

Frugal Fresh Start Week 2 – Getting Organized I left you with writing down the prices to the basic items you listed to start a home. Well lets revisit the prices and list. 1. Taking pictures – Our memories are not very great and we tend to remember differently then what we actually saw. So […]

Frugal Fresh Start Week 1- $100 Paycheck Challenge

Frugal Fresh Start Week 1 – Starting with the Basics Having to start all over from nothing, this will be a huge challenge! A quick summary; We have always struggled financially but we got hit hard in 2013 when one thing after another happened along with our poor choices. We ended up moving in with […]

Starting Over. The Journey

Have you had to start over whether it be by choice or by circumstances. I have. Once from when I moved from Idaho all the way to Virginia to start college and then again after I have been married 10 years. Because of financial circumstances and a whole lot of other STUFF, my husband and […]

DIY Dishwashing Tablets supplies

DIY Dishwasher Tablets make your own

DIY Dishwasher Tablets What you Need: – 1 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda – 1 cup baking soda – 1 cup kosher salt – 3 tablespoons lemon juice – 1 cup water – Measuring cup and tablespoon – Mixing Bowl   How to Make: 1. First get a mixing bowl and measure out 1 […]

Captain America Costume Review

Dress like Captain America #Review

Dress like Captain America #Review So what part of the birthday party is the most exciting for my son. No, it is not the cake and ice cream, nor is it the presents. In fact he would rather I serve carrots and ranch instead of cupcakes and ice cream! The favorite part of my son’s […]

Captain America Shield Craft

Make your own Captain America Shield Craft

Make your own Captain America Shield Craft Need a simple craft idea for an Avengers or Captain America Party then you will want to add these easy to make Captain America Shields. They don’t require much and not very messy. You might get some participants to color on a wall or floor but other than […]

Thor hammer

Thor Hammer DIY #Avengers Party Idea

Thor Hammer DIY These can be a fun item for you to have at a Avengers theme party. Keep the kids occupied and entertained. Be sure to tell the kids not to hit each other. What you Need: – Tissue box – Paper Towel – Gray Duck Tape – Black streamer – Scotch Tape   […]

Thor Cheese Hammers

Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers

Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers Do you need a quick Avengers inspired semi healthy snack? Here you go with these simple and easy to make Thor Hammers. These treats are so easy even the kiddos can make them for you. And the cost is very inexpensive. Get your guest involved and have them make their own. […]