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Hi I am Rebecca Autry and I am a Stay at Home Mom who helps others save money. I have three beautiful children, married to my super hero hubby for over 10 years. I am a frugal living, DIY type of person. I like to make my own Pinatas, Cleaners, and all about reusing and re-purposing anything and everything.

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Captain America Costume Review

Dress like Captain America #Review

Dress like Captain America #Review So what part of the birthday party is the most exciting for my son. No, it is not the cake and ice cream, nor is it the presents. In fact he would rather I serve carrots and ranch instead of cupcakes and ice cream! The favorite part of my son’s […]

Captain America Shield Craft

Make your own Captain America Shield Craft

Make your own Captain America Shield Craft Need a simple craft idea for an Avengers or Captain America Party then you will want to add these easy to make Captain America Shields. They don’t require much and not very messy. You might get some participants to color on a wall or floor but other than […]

Thor hammer

Thor Hammer DIY #Avengers Party Idea

Thor Hammer DIY These can be a fun item for you to have at a Avengers theme party. Keep the kids occupied and entertained. Be sure to tell the kids not to hit each other. What you Need: – Tissue box – Paper Towel – Gray Duck Tape – Black streamer – Scotch Tape   […]

Thor Cheese Hammers

Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers

Thor’s Hammer Treat #Avengers Do you need a quick Avengers inspired semi healthy snack? Here you go with these simple and easy to make Thor Hammers. These treats are so easy even the kiddos can make them for you. And the cost is very inexpensive. Get your guest involved and have them make their own. […]

Captain America Lollipop

Captain America Lollipop Tutorial

Captain America Lollipop Tutorial What is a party without some candy? Make these Captain America Lollipops as a treat plus part of your decorations. What you Need: – Tootsie roll lollipop – Blue tissue paper – White, red and blue cardstock or construction paper – Scotch Tape How to Make: 1. First take your blue […]

Captain America Shield pinata

Captain America Shield Pinata

  Captain America Shield Pinata This time last year my son wanted a Minion theme party and that was insane because at the time there wasn’t any decorations so I had to make my own. This year I am pleased with his decision of Avengers theme. There are so many possibilities. I set a budget […]

Kermit Favor Bag

Kermit Favor Bags

Kermit Favor Bags What you Need: – Green Paper Bags – Pink, White, Red, Black Cardstock – Glue   How to Make: 1. Cut out your pieces for the bag. 2. Take your green bag and lay flat. Glue on your Mouth and add the pink tongue. 3. Glue the white eye base and then […]

R2D2 Table Decoration Tutorial

R2D2 Table Decoration Tutorial What you Need: – White Cardstock – Large Easter Eggs – White Tissue paper or Duck Tape   How to Make: 1. First gather your materials. If you have 8 1/2 by 11 paper you will need to cut 2 inches off the short side. 2. Cut your paper in half […]

Sulley Paper Cup Tutorial

Sulley Paper Cup Tutorial Anyone having a Monster’s Inc Theme Party! I have not personally had one or planning one but I would love to do so. I think this would be a great theme to have. What you Need: – Teal Paper Cups – Teal and Purple Feathers – Googly Eyes – Black Sharpie […]

Spider-man favor bag

Spiderman Favor Bags

Spiderman Favor Bags These are great for a Spiderman or Avengers theme party. Very easy and inexpensive to make. You can make 10 for less than $1.20 or so. The red paper bags are 10 ct from Dollar Tree. Wal-mart has the same red bags but cost around $.33 each. What you Need: – Red […]

LEGO Block Favor Bags

LEGO Block Favor Bags What you Need: – Red, Yellow and Black Cardstock – Red, Yellow or Blue Favor Bags – Glue   How to Make: 1. Cut your circles for your favor bag make sure you cardstock is a shape lighter or darker than the paper bags. 2. The Paper favor bags can be […]

#Minion Lollipop Treats

#Minion Lollipop Treats What you Need: – Lollipops – Twisty ties – Yellow plastic tablecloth – Blue Streamer or Tissue Paper – Googly Eyes -Black Sharpie   How to Make: 1. Take your blue streamer or tissue paper and wrap by rolling the stick of the lollipop starting from the bottom and working up towards […]

#Olaf Lollipops Treat – DIY

#Olaf Lollipops Treat – DIY Want to wow the children in your kids classes for their Christmas Party this year. Here is what you need to do to have the cool kid in the class! Surpise them with Olaf Lollipops. What you Need: – Lollipops – Twistie ties – White plastic tablecloth – Googly Eyes […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Favor Bag

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Favor Bag What you Need: – Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, White and Black Cardstock – Green Favor Bags – Glue – Goggly eyes – Black Sharpie   How to Make: 1. Take your Green paper favor bag you can get these in 10pk for $1 at Dollar Tree in the party section otherwise they […]

Hulk Mask

Hulk Mask – DIY

Hulk Mask – DIY What you Need: – Green Felt – Black Felt – Elastic – Sewing Machine or Needle and Green Thread   How to Make: 1. Make a pattern using paper and draw to the shape you desire. See my pattern below. You can also download the Hulk Mask Pattern in the Moms […]


Fall Centerpiece Decoration

Fall Centerpiece Decoration Need a quick and simple Fall Centerpiece Decoration. Look at how beautiful this centerpiece is made by the wonderful ladies at Union Baptist Church in Hayes, VA. I cannot take credit for I am not crafty with flowers at all! Many of these flowers can be found at Dollar Tree and Wal-mart […]

"Blu" Rio Theme Pinata

BLU Pinata for a RIO Theme Party – DIY

Blu Pinata for a RIO Theme Party Make your own Blu Pinata. What a hard party this was to decorate for when I was unable to find party decorations for the Rio Theme. Made everything from scratch for very little. You too will be glad with these easy Rio Theme ideas including creating your very […]

How to Make a Fake Palm Tree

How to Make a Fake Palm Tree Great addition to Lifeway VBS 2015 “Journey off the Map”. You can also alter the Palm Tree to make it into a Weeping Willow Tree for Shady Grove for crafts. Since the class the hubby and I did, crafts came to us, so we plan on making a […]

Cookie Monster Favor Bags

Cookie Monster Favor Bags What you Need: – Red, Yellow and Black Cardstock – Blue Favor Bags – Glue   How to Make: 1. Take you blue paper favor bag and lay flat. You can purchase 10ct at Dollar Tree. 2. Cut our the Black mouth and eye balls and pieces on the cookies. Cut […]